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3 Things You Must Do if you are in a Car Accident

Road accidents can happen anytime, anywhere or to anyone irrespective of experience or skill. Even the most defensive of drivers may get caught up in a car crash either of their own doing or due to the actions of other motorists sharing the road. Although car collisions are regarded as the most fatal and most frequently occurring transportation accident, many people are still uninformed of the proper actions to take when involved in a vehicle crash. Listed here are 3 things you must do if you are in a car accident.

Stay calm and move to safety
Being in a car crash is a fateful experience one has to endure. The hasty turn of things will trigger different emotions ranging from shock, fear, confusion, and physical and psychosomatic pain. Nonetheless, the first lesson in proper accident etiquette is to stay calm. Take a deep breath and observe your surroundings.

Focus on yourself and your body first. Are you in pain and can you move? Check the people you are with if they are unconscious. Check the road in front of you and prepare for your next move. If you are not directly involved in the accident, and you want to help, carefully approach the vehicle and talk to the victims. If they are in a panic, pacify them and be a beacon of calmness.

Human instinct will tell you to keep yourself and your company safe. A strong crash can cause further collisions with more vehicles. If your car is still functional, move it to a safer area and stay seated in. If you need to vacate, then do so slowly towards a secure area. If the movement is limited or impossible, then stay until rescue arrives.

Call the authorities
When you have deemed that everything is secure, reach out for help. Seek the attention of the local police or call the emergency hotline of the country you are in. Ask the help of local bystanders if you cannot access your mobile phone. You must give your name, location, details of the accident and your physical condition.

Upon arrival of the authorities, follow all their rescue instructions. Truthfully report to them everything that occurred. Also, talk with the other drivers and build some rapport with them, and then gather the following information:
– Other drivers’ names and contact details
– Model, color, and license plate number of all involved vehicles
– Insurance company and details
– Police officers’ contact information
– Witnesses’ account and contact details
– Photos of the accident
– Road and weather conditions during the accident
These items are instrumental for lawful purposes in case of discrepancies in statements of other drivers.

Seek medical help, if necessary. Some pain may not be felt right away due to the adrenaline rush, so remember to consult the doctor sometime after.

Claim your insurance
Lastly, file your insurance claim as soon as possible. The insurance firm will require the police report so make sure to obtain copies after that. If the situation requires that you hire a lawyer, do so. From here on, all transactions must pass through him including negotiations and payments for damages. Your coverage will vary depending on the protection and repairs policy you had agreed with when you purchased the insurance.
There you have it, the 3 things you must do if you are in a car accident. Stress over such misfortune can be reduced by following the above steps with focus, resourcefulness and honesty.